Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Scrapbag Style

I’m very excited to have a new frock for winter made by my friend Val.

It’s made from some curtain scraps and a bit of Tweed leftover from a waistcoat she upcycled for Philip.

I made the brooch myself using  a curtain ring, some string, lace and beads.

I treated myself to some new long sleeve thermal vests from M&S to wear with it.  There’s the aubergine one I’m wearing here and an oatmeal one as well

Tights are from Gipsy Tights UK
Last years Fly London boots

The beret was a gift from an Instagram friend, she made it herself. So so talented.

The jacket and scarf were charity shop finds and go beautifully with it.

Val’s making me a tote bag with the scraps that are left.

The pinafore pattern is  Dottie Angel one available widely on the internet 

What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday link
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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Rocking a mini

This young lady was 15 years old when we got married in 1989 and today she married her own Prince Charming and her 1990 mini came along as well.

It was never going to be a conventional affair with these two.  They had ducks given them as wedding presents and Bat Out Of Hell playing at the wedding among other off the wall tunes.

A super talented friend of mine made the flower arrangements.  It’s hard to believe these are her first attempts at it.

We rocked up in our best charity shop clobber including this dress made from a curtain by friend Val.

I’m thinking of hiring the wandering welder out as a professional model.  I think he scrubs up rather well in his £10 Harris Tweed jacket and moleskin trousers and waistcoat.  The Italian Ferragmo shoes came from a posh charity shop in Chipping Norton, Oxford when we last visited my sister 

May the happy couple have as long and happy marriage as ours.  Now sing us another song Gaz

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

A picnic in the cheap seats

If you are a fan of the 1940’s I can’t recommend this film enough.  The clothes and the interiors are fantastic and added to a real feel good story it makes for a lovely trip to the cinema.

And who would have thought that my vintage frock would be making an appearance in the opening scene

Now if you are a canny cinema goer like me you’ll know how to get two for one tickets. We usually end up
paying £6.50 for the two of us.

Buy yourself a one day travel insurance for less than £2 with compare the meerkat and you’ll get half price cinema tickets for a year.  

Now don’t tell anyone but we buy the cheap seats
then sit in the posh ones once we are in there.  We’ve not been thrown out yet and we are into our second year now.  We also take a picnic in with us.  So you see we can stretch
the pension out quite far.  Well I would if I got one, but that’s another story.  Roll on 66 only four years to go then I can have a bus pass to add to the free prescriptions and eye tests.

If this link works it’s a trailer of 
Goodbye Christopher Robin

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Back on track

After a week of being confined to barracks with a back injury it was time to stretch those muscles and get the good endorphins kick started.

So Saturday morning we made a short trip over the moors to the Yorkshire market town of Todmorden.  Our favourite step back in time.  Provisions were bought and a couple of charity shops visited before my back started screaming get me home.

I picked up an Austrian Loden lambswood jacket for £3.99 and a mindless read for £1.  Sadly the book had to go once I got home as it was stinking of ciggies and making me feel sick.

Sunday was so mild we had a gentle stroll in Healey Dell Nature Reserve.  We are so fortunate to overlook this natural  beauty spot from our house.

Not sure I’m ready to start wearing boots and winter woollies just yet but sometimes needs must

Think I’ve turned into a water baby

After finishing reading about the adventures of horticulturist Alys Fowler kayaking her way around the Birmingham waterways I’m now moving onto Sarah Henshaw’s story about her bookshop on her canal barge.

The boat alone cost £25,000 which Sarah found on Google. Moored on the Grand Union canal in Warwick  it was moved to a marina near the brewing town and Marmite metropolis of Burton-on-Trent where she set about converting it into a book shop.

The Book Barge opened in June 2009 and could be seen chugging up and down the country.  I’m not going to say anymore in case you want to read it yourself.  Well, I’ll just say there’s a lot of adventures and I would have loved to have been a part of it all.

available from amazon for £2.80

Friday, 6 October 2017

This caused a titter

Yesterday the craft group I’ve belonged to for over twenty years had their monthly meeting.  Sadly I missed it due to a back injury.  It had been decided they’d have a go at the drawing craft of ZENTANGLING and that the only male member of our group would lead it.

Melvyn is a very talented artist but I can just imagine the tittering and comments made when he showed them this fantastic mermaid that he had done earlier.  
Well done to Melvyn but I have to admit I can’t stop chuckling at them there boobs.

Here’s some of the other pieces created.

Zentangling is a nice relaxation pastime.  If you’ve never heard of it before put it in google search you’ll find lots of information.  Best thing is you only need a pen and paper to do it.